Scott Kollman

Scott Kollman

Healthcare is a giant industry. I have developed an affinity for navigating a system that many patients and even their caregivers find confusing and frustrating. I can navigate efficiently through the maze of the healthcare system. I am able to get results the patient needs, faster—and with considerably less effort—than if they had to figure it out on their own.

My patient advocate career began almost by accident. My father-in-law suffered from diabetes, and his condition never seemed to improve, regardless of how many specialists he had seen. I seized the opportunity to help him get better care; my efforts led to improved test results and a clearer path of care. Since then, I've used my same skills and expertise to help clients, friends, loved ones, and, most recently, my own father.

My journey toward becoming a patient advocate took a non-traditional path. For 15 years I was an adjuster for a major insurance company, where I handled in severe and catastrophic claims. Medical sales gave me experience in meeting with, and presenting to, physicians and their staff.

While in sales I suffered injuries from a severe work-related car accident, and was out of work for some time. During this time I became my own advocate. Dealing with my own health issues gave me a first-hand look at all of the ways a patient advocate can be helpful. After recuperating, I got involved with advocacy for abused and neglected children and became a court-appointed child advocate.

In addition to these experiences, I am also a certified personal trainer, specializing in physical fitness for seniors. In the process, I developed a sensitivity to seniors’ particular needs—in healthcare, diet, and physical activity.

My distinct background combines empathy and an uncanny insight into the healthcare system. This enables me to open the door to the same type of results for you or your loved one. I can help you through this process advocating for your best available care and ultimately a positive and healthier result.

"My daughter was diagnosed with scleroderma in 2010. This sounds simple. It wasn’t. Her pediatrician initially diagnosed her with something completely different and scheduled us for an appointment with orthopedics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. That appointment was three months away!! I called everyday desperately hoping they had a cancellation and explaining my concerns and the fact that it would be so long until she would be seen by a doctor. I spoke with Scott Kollman about the situation. The next day, I received a call from the physician who was the Head of Orthopedics! Incredibly, after explaining what was thought to be her diagnosis, he explained orthopedics was not the appropriate discipline for her to be seen. Throughout this whole ordeal, Scott was so supportive and comforting. We eventually ended up at genetics three days later! They directed us to Rheumatology who knew immediately what her condition was and were able to diagnose it and she started treatment the next day. Her condition was serious. She would have deteriorated immeasurably had we waited three months to be seen. Scott was instrumental in all of this. With his help, we were on our way, albeit a very long journey and, unfortunately, an incurable chronic serious disease. All the while, Scott has been by our side, helping us step by step. I don’t know what I would have done without him."

— Catherine Salvano

"Scott’s help was invaluable in the treatment of my diabetic father. His condition never seemed to improve even with regular visits to multiple specialists. My mom and I pretty much took his doctors’ words at face value and trusted their opinions. It never occurred to us that he was missing out on better care. We simply did not have the wherewithal to question medical diagnoses or figure out how to work around the current treatment. Not Scott. If something didn’t seem right he would look further into it, and began getting in contact with my father’s physicians (with his permission). He also researched his medical insurance to help my mom figure out what would and would not be covered. Overall my father had been over-medicated, at times even prescribed the wrong medications, which led to complications that were reducing his quality of life. Scott’s communication and participation with the docs helped correct that, and led to more efficient testing and treatment options. Most of this work was accomplished living out of state. Scott can do the same for you. I always tease him that he wants to save the world one person at a time. It’s so true. Once he takes on a project it almost consumes him. Scott is a great person to have on your side."

— Natalie Case

"It is with no hesitation that I recommend Scott as a patient advocate. After knowing him for over 15 years I can say with confidence that he is uniquely qualified to do the job. Having family members who have been both physicians and patients I have seen firsthand how complex the health care system has become. Even if you think you can handle navigating the system for a patient, there are always unexpected issues that arise. It is important to have someone who has the experience and knowledge and skill to deal with those issues. Scott has the intelligence, compassion, determination and understanding to successfully navigate the maze of modern health care. He will ensure that the patient has everything he or she needs to obtain the best possible outcome. I have faith in Scott’s ability and I would say without reservation that you can count on him for success."

— Tina M. Josephson MD, LMA Cherry Hill Family Care